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"[One-shot] The Price We Pay"

Fandom: Ookiku Furibatte
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: threesome, non-explicit sex, (short XD)
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine.

For my wonderful Erisabesu who’s so forgiving on a veeeeeeeeery late birthday present. Cookies for you if you figured out who they are before the end.

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It's an internship at a publishing company that's going to allow me to do editing work.  And better still, they're gonna let me do it from home, so that means I can go to school at the same time. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!  And, Darling, there might be the chance of needing to go to DC because My Senior Editor is based in DC!  

I would still love to come and visit you regardless though.  Hope your week went well!

cold hibari

Chosen Chapter 1

This is a story I've been working on most of this past semester for my creative writing fiction class.  Loaded here for your enjoyment, sweetcakes!

Title: Chosen
Summary:  Chosen by a god no one worships.  A pawn in a power struggle between gods.  Sent on a perilous journey against his will.  Zithiar La'maask wishes for it all to end and is on a search to make it so.  But what he finds will have results far beyond what he ever dreamed.

I hope it's in an easy enough format to read.  I was hoping for the page to appear in the traditional lj format but it didn't. -frowns- I don't know how.  Anyway, consructive criticism is greatly appreciated 'cause I'm always looking to improve!
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Joined the bandwagon

So, I've decided to joing the bandwagon that is livejournal, mainly because there are quite a few authors that I enjoy who post here.  I'm not much of a journal person, but I may just use this to post any stories I write.  We'll see.
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